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Glamping village

Glamping village in the untouched nature of the Kolpa river valley, more precisely in the Poljanska valley along the Kolpa, there is the first glamping kolpa resort - Eco village Rinčica. It was named after the small pear Rinčica, which first matures in the meadow orchard, where these wooden glamping objects are placed, offering authentic experiences of nature, ticking the river Kolpa for the whole family.
Activities on the river Kolpa
Apart from accommodation, our main activity is kanoeing and rafting on the Kolpa River, which we have been doing since 1995. Over the years we have gained a lot of experience, knowledge and have become the largest provider of boating and rafting on Kolpa. Our main principle is to offer our guests a safe, high-quality and interesting activity, suitable for families, couples, companies, school groups, etc. All the activities are carried out by licensed guides.
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Do you know where the Poljanska Valley is?

The Poljanska Valley along the Kolpa River is located in south-eastern Slovenia, covering the western part of the `Bela Krajina´ (White Carpathians) and the south-eastern part of Kočevje. The Kolpa River flows through its southern part. Some people call it the Switzerland of the White Carpathians, as this plateau valley above the Kolpa is surrounded by the peaks of the Poljanska Gora and Graščice, and the canyon valley itself has wonderful viewpoints: the Radenska stena, the Sodevska stena, Kozice, St Anton and on the Croatian side, the Orlova stena.