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It is very popular and easy leisure activity on the river Kolpa. All you need is a stable board similar to the sufrboard, a longer paddle and some basic instructions, which we will be happy to give and show you. SUPing is also a very good sport for your body as it activates all the muscles in the body – from back, leg and arm muscles to abdominal muscles. On the SUP board we can also relax, rest in the fresh air, do yoga, etc. Our youngest ones spend their free time jumping off the SUP, exploring hidden corners of the river, competing… You can SUP in Radenci where there is a suitable strech of the river (calm, deep and warm water) for this kind of activity – suitable for beginners or not very experienced SUPers. Or you can go on a several-hour SUP downhill where you will overcome dams and rapids and avoid shallows and rocks – suitable for more experienced SUPers.