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The Kolpa, a warm and calm river that warms up to 26 degrees Celsius in the summer months, offers a wide variety of activities, including boating and rafting on the Kolpa, which is suitable for everyone, including complete beginners, families and their four-legged friends. Apart from the partner, friends or a pet, the river itself with its dams and rapids, which we encounter every kilometer, makes boating a pleasure. The descent is not limited in time or length, everyone decides according to their own abilities and preferences. Each individual or group receives individual attention, listening to their wishws and advice. The rafting time is from 2h (6km), 3h (8km), 4h (12km), …. or more, by mini raftboat Avantura (2-3 persons), raft (4-9 persons) or sit-on-top kayak (1 person).

Each participant is provided with: a neoprene suit (wetsuit), neoprene (wetsuit) shoes, windbreaker (if necessary depending on the weather conditions and river water level), swimming aid (life jacket), a helmet and a paddle, as well as a waterproof barrel for essentials (drink, snacks, camera or mobile phone).