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The Kolpa River flows through its southern part. Some call it »Switzerland of Bela Krajina« , as this plateau valley above the Kolpa is surrounded by the peaks of `Poljanska gora´ and Graščica, and the canyon valley itself has beautiful viewpoints: Radenska stena, Sodevska
stena, Kozice, Saint Anton and on the Croatian side the Orlova stena. There are also marked hiking trails leading to them. The Kolpa River is also called the “Slovenian´s longest coast”, as visitors can find natural bathing spots all along the course of this border river, and in the Poljanska Valley it is also suitable for “frostier”, as in summer in Radenci, it warms up to 28 degrees Celsius. The Kolpa River is one of Europe´s warmest and cleanest rivers. The purity of the river is reflected in the many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna that have been preserved there. Rare and endangered species include: the otter, the bog turtle, the fish: streber,the European bullhead, Sabanejewia aurata, barbel, the European bitterling, stargazer, cactus roach, huchen; the Lethenteron zanandreai and the Unio crassus. The valley itself not only offers swimming, boating – rafting, but also cycling, climbing and hiking.

On Slovenia´s southernmost footpath

The 10.5 km-long footpath along the Kolpa River runs from Radenci to Damelj, through the picturesque Kolpa Canyon, through unspoilt nature and through completely unpopulated areas, where you can refresh yourself at the Trpotec spring, »the water of eternal youth«. You enjoy the chirping of forest birds, the murmur of the Kolpa River; your eyes rest at the sight of the primeval forest on the other side of the river. In the village of Breg you can see the only working water-powered mill. A little further down, you can visit the Kobiljača cave, the longest karst cave in Bela Krajina. Stop at the “French stone”; in the fishpond you can also see the schools of fish that abound here. There are so many of them. Later you arrive in the village named `Kot´, which is also the southernmost point of Slovenia. After two kilometers, you are already in Damelj, where you can rest and refresh yourself. The trail is also intended for mountain bikers and horse riders.