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Sit-on-top is a kayak that is very similar to a traditional kayak, but much safer because you are sitting in the open and not enclosed in a boat with a ¨splash blanket¨. You do not need a splash blanket because the kayak is made with holes through which the water drains. In case the boat capsizes you simply turn the boat around and keep paddling. With a sit-on-top you will experience the rapids and the dams in a much more adrenaline-pumping way. Each participant receives: neoprene suit (wetsuit), neoprene (wetsuit) shoes, windbreaker (if needed depending on weather conditions and river water level), swimming aid (life jacket), helmet and paddle and a small waterproof barrel for essentials (drinks, snacks, camera or mobile phone) . Sit-on-top kayak descent can take 2h (6 km), 3h (8 km), 4h (12 km),… or more.